Heritage Village

Experience true UAE culture with our role-play activities that include henna, pottery, pearl fishing and jewelry making! Suitable for children and parents.


A henna artist will ask kids to choose a henna design which will be painted on their hands. 


A pottery expert will show the kids how to make their own clay pots mounted on a pottery wheel.
After the clay pots are made, the kids will then have the option to paint designs on the pot.

Pearl fishing

A pearl specialist will guide the kids to the creek to hunt for oysters with pearls. Using a pearl net scooper, the kids will try to scoop out an oyster from underwater, clean open and retrieve the pearl inside.

Jewelry making

A jewelry expert will teach kids how to make their own pearl, bead and shell bracelets. The kids will choose the beads that they like and will make their own bracelet. 


A master calligrapher will show the kids different calligraphy designs and explain what calligraphy is.
The kids will learn how to write the first letter of their names on a card using calligraphy.