KidZania offers one of the world's best Customer Engagement and Experiential Marketing Platforms. It is an ideal medium to present your brand as a market leader in the industry that you represent.

Why Partner with us?

It is a form of Relationship Marketing, where an entire generation growing up in the region, is exposed to your brand which leads to brand recognition and loyalty. This in turn leads to long term ROI and increased sales.

Additionally marketing partners add realism to the overall experience, wherein an airline brand teaches children the finer points of the airline industry and a bank teaches them the finer points of the banking industry by means of adult role-play. Kids enact being pilots in a real aircraft and bankers in a real life banking set-up.

KidZania offers your brand unparalleled marketing benefits like Prestige and Exclusivity, Experiential Marketing Opportunity, Cross Promotions, Free Events and Launches, Free Tickets, Product Placements and Sampling Opportunities, Corporate Hospitality, CSR and other benefits to promote sales.    

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