Schools and Group Visits

Book a school visit to KidZania and use the realistic "city" environment to further enhance your students' curriculum. Students are encouraged to explore the variety of establishments within KidZania, and earn and save their KidZos whilst role-playing.

Education Value

Role-playing is a universal form of play enjoyed by children all over the world. Role-play, while being fun, has very positive educational, psychological and motivational benefits.

Psychologists, educators and play experts were extensively consulted during the development of KidZania activities to ensure our curriculum content matches school areas of focus: creativity, critical thinking, communication, confidence and collaboration.

There are 4 key aspects of human development materialized through play in KidZania

1. Psychomotor development

• Motor co-ordination
• Handling of objects
• Sensory control
• Ability of imitation

2. Emotional development

• Development of subjectivity (interior world)
• Sublimation of anxiety and hyperactivity
• Handling of symbolic expression
• Solving conflicts
• Construction of identity, gender, race and professions patterns, construction of identity, gender, race and professions patterns among others

3. Cognitive development

• Attention
• Memory
• Analysis and synthesis
• Imagination
• Creativity
• Scientific thinking
• Communication
• Logic relations

4. Social development

• Knowledge of the adult world
• Preparation for a working life
• Moral development
• Social development
• Inter-racial understanding

Ministry of Education

KidZania Dubai is proud to be approved by the UAE Ministry of Education for school visits from private and public schools as well as other education institutions within the UAE.

In the presence of His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami, Minister of Education, an agreement was signed for this purpose by His Excellency Ali Maihad Al Suwaidi, Director General at Ministry of Education and Mr Mohamed Alabbar, Chairman, Emaar Properties.

His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami said the agreement demonstrates the commitment of the Ministry of Education to strengthen its relationship with its strategic partners to promote the development of education and adding non-traditional student activities. "This is the beginning of an important cooperation with a pioneering company, Emaar. This agreement is of interest to the Ministry of Education to advance student activities, broaden their knowledge and develop the skills and talents. It will help create an environment where they discover new learning experiences by themselves as well as boost their confidence."

School/Nursery Visits


KidZania is the best place for school field trips due to its high educational content, specially developed to attend the needs of every school grade.

Playing adult roles is the favorite game of all kids. Our visitors enjoy themselves while they are inside safe facilities, where they develop skills and attitudes for the benefit of their physical and intellectual growth. Their creative thinking and social skills are stimulated while their self-esteem and self-confidence are fortified.

The play activities designed for every establishment allow the children to experiment and experience the roles and rules of the adult world, making these fun activities a memorable learning experience.

Within the adult role playing activities, four basic areas of knowledge are covered:

  • INNER SELF - Self-knowledge and social roles.
  • INTERPERSONAL - Development of social skills.
  • BIOLOGICAL - Development of physical skills.
  • SOCIO CULTURAL - Imitation of desired roles (adult role).

From the game experience, kids acquire significant learnings to apply in their school life as well as their family and social environments. This way, they expand their communication skills, use the information acquired at their school and develop their cognitive capabilities, always supported and supervised by our highly qualified and trained personnel.

The integration of roles without gender differentiation in play activities contributes to promoting equality and respecting non discriminating values.


Contact the KidZania Ministry of Education for further information and school bookings:

For enquiries, email: or Call: 050 5572830 / +971 4 4485257