What is KidZania?

KidZania is an interactive edutainment centre, where children can experience over 80 role-playing professions in a replica of a real city.

Arrival Area

The journey begins at an airport style ‘check-in’ counter, where children will be given a security bracelet, issued their boarding pass, a city map and a cheque for 50 kidZos, the official currency of KidZania®. 

The cheque can be encashed at KidZania®'s bank where children open an account. Children can use their kidZos (recognised at every KidZania® around the world) to buy goods and services, thus learning the value and practical use of money. 

Kids can join the CitiZenship Programme, which recognises learning and progress through various activities. With parental consent, there is an official ‘PaZZport’ featuring a special hologram sticker for each KidZania® activity they visit. As more skills are required and more stamps are earned, there are various stages to pass through that include: Naturalized CitiZen, Distinguished CitiZen and Honourable CitiZen. At each level, member will receive more benefits to enjoy – earning more KidZos, having exclusive discounts in ‘The National Store’ and much more! Click here to download the application form.

Inside the City

The excitement builds further as children have the freedom to walk around the city as if they are an adult, exploring the various establishments and then selecting a job they wish to do based on their own preferences. If your kid can’t decide what job to do first, they could proceed to Job Information and get some helpful career advice. 

Once the child has decided on the profession, KidZania®’s trained “Zupervisors” instruct the children in their chosen specific task. The children will wear the uniform relevant to their ‘profession,’ and are guided by the Zupervisors to complete that job. They are also paid a salary in kidZos for performing the job, which they can spend - or save!

What kind of activities are there?

Each of the activities that the children indulge in fulfils 14 essential elements - ensures role-play, resembles reality, kids-centred interactive, detail-oriented, fun, thrilling, skills-enhancer, current, educational, sustainable, values-based, safe and accessible. In addition to these, each of these role-plays is active and not passive, thereby ensuring a wholesome Edutainment experience for children. Click here for more information

Dress Code

To participate in the Climbing wall activity, kid must wear sport’s shoes.

Height Requirement

For safety purposes in some establishments, your child must be 90 cm to 120 cm to drive the car in Driving Street and 120 cm to 160 cm in Race Track.

How long does it take to do each activity?

In KidZania, your child has the freedom to decide what profession they prefer. Every activity will take between 10 and 25 minutes.

What will the kid do on their KidZos?

KidZos earned can be redeemed at KidZania Department Store or save for the next visit.

Parents Lounge

You can follow your children and watch their activities from outside the establishments, allowing the children to make their own choices in role play without parental influence. Parents can also relax at KidZania's Parents’ Lounge, with a TV room, F&B and complimentary Internet facilities. You also have the option of leaving their children in KidZania®, as long as they are above 120 cm in height.

Food and Beverages

There are few places you can choose. Click here 

Souvenir Items

Enjoy your shopping experience in our National Store, KZ Corner and Shopping Alley.