What is KidZania?

KidZania is an interactive edutainment centre, where children can experience over 80 role-playing professions in a replica of a real city.

The time had come

Enough was enough. Something had to be done and kids were the ones to do it. The history of KidZania starts like all great stories start, with idealistic passion and an unwavering spirit that was stimulated by a communal desire to create something better.

The kids of the world became utterly fed up. Looking at the way the adults were running the world had become an exercise in exasperation. Governments operated inefficiently, societies were becoming inequitable, valuable resources were routinely squandered and values were seemingly more and more negotiable.

With principles wavering and violence increasing, it became apparent that kids would be inheriting a less than ideal world. Something had to be done and they were the ones prepared to do it.

The kids decided to create their own nation

This was a world full of opportunities where kids could assert themselves and be responsible. This was a world full of possibilities for sharing ideas and gaining knowledge. And this was a world where kids could think and act independently from adults. What the kids envisioned, was a real world made perfect which ultimately made it "the place" where kids wanted to be.

A declaration is made

Following the spirit of many independent thinkers in history, kids decided to mark this moment and write an official Declaration of Independence. This proclaimed their sovereignity as a group united in purpose and announced their new world's existence.

The League of Rights was established

These Rights were fundamental to their beliefs and  united them in principle and purpose, that were their guide towards achieving happiness.

The Rights are:

The Right to BE empowered, unique and free
The Right to KNOW and be experimental when learning
The Right to CARE about the world and the future
The Right to PLAY and have fun in life
The Right TO SHARE socialize, befriend and embrace
The Right TO CREATE imagine, express and inspire

The Rightskeepers

Urbano, Vita, Beebop, Chika and Bache are the first KidZanians representing the values of KidZania and the rights of every child.

Urbano, a 9 year old boy, represents the 'Right to Know'.
Vita, a 7 year old girl, represents the 'Right to Care'.
Beebop, a 10 year old boy, represents the 'Right to Create'.
Chika, a 10 year old girl, represents the 'Right to Share'.
Bache, a cheerful dog, represents the 'Right to Play'.

Together, all five represent the 'Right to Be'. The children of KidZania made them immortal to ensure that the KidZania Rights would be cared for and remembered forever.

A unique identity was formed

As with any sovereinity, KidZanians desired artistic representations of their identity to promote a feeling of community among the citizens. To achieve this, the children created The National Flag, the Independence Fountain, a currency called "KidZos", a unique language, a powerful National Anthem, a KidZania song, as well as the Eternal Spirit.

The Eternal Spirit

The Eternal Spirit is located at centre of the Main Plaza inside KidZania. It commemorates the foundation of each KidZania city. The world represents the global reach of KidZania. The flame represents the eternal spirit of KidZania.