Benefits for Better Citizens

CitiZenship Levels

There are hundreds of ways to do new things, learn new things, prepare for a better world and earn benefits, all at the same time!

As soon as your kids join, they become Naturalized CitiZens of KidZania and earn or save 2 extra kidZos on every activity they complete. The more kidZos earned or saved = the more activities they can enjoy. When kids earn 30 stamps, they'll become Distinguished CitiZens and will earn or save 4 extra KidZos per activity. And when they earn 60 stamps, they'll become Honorable CitiZens of KidZania, earning and saving 6 extra KidZos per activity. The more activities they complete, the more benefits they'll earn and the more fun they'll have on their very next visit!

KidZanians are special because they always try to do their best and they always earn benefits!